Way to Grow / Asi se Crece

Strong Bones and Teeth


Way to Grow / Asi se Crece is the 4th book in the Hop-A-Lot’s First Steps to Fitness Series.

This book deals with the importance of developing and maintaining strong bones and teeth. Dental and bone health are truly a “family affair”. Not only is family history an important indicator of future dental and bone health, but the examples parents and care-givers set for their children will influence the development and life-long care of these
vital parts of the body.

Diet, exercise, sunshine and hygiene all play an important part in bone and teeth health. How well the adults in a child’s life deal with these areas will influence, and sometimes determine, the health of the child’s bones and teeth as well as how their children will treat these parts of their bodies. Strong bones and teeth contribute to the quantity and quality of life. Make it the best!